American Forest Week, April 27 to May 3

Issue 16 and Volume 77.

American Forest Week, April 27 to May 3 Forest fires again destroyed many homes and much other property in this state last month, and at least one life was lost thereby. We have frequently called attention to the careless habits of smokers and campers that cause many of these burns. Leaving fires used in camps without being absolutely sure that they have been extinguished completely, throwing down burning matches, cigarettes, cigars, and pipe ashes, leaving brush and trash burning unattended, are among the causes for much of this waste. Forest week, embracing April 27 to May 3, has been so designated, and schools, Boy Scouts and other assemblies are asked to hold programs at that time to impress upon the minds of the people the absolute importance of conserving our forest growth and the reforesting of waste lands and other available ground. It is a serious economic situation that is…

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