How B. Coli Acts in Water Pollution

Issue 16 and Volume 77.

How B. Coli Acts in Water Pollution A Simple Outline Statement as to the Relation the Colon Bacillus Has to Typhoid Pollution—Number of B. Coli in Sample Important THE following simple statement as to the relation that the Colon Bacillus bears to typhoid fever pollution of water supplies will make clear to the water works superintendent who is not a technician, the methods that should be employed to determine the condition of the supply in this respect: This article is not written for technicists specializing in sanitary work, but for the superintendents of relatively small plants, municipal officials and others who may appreciate an outline statement of the significance of the presence of intestinal bacteria in drinking water. Bacteriological examinations of drinking water, to determine its probable safety are not, insofar as B. Coli tests are concerned direct, as is commonly supposed, but inferential. That is, the specific bacterium causing…

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