Issue 16 and Volume 77.

ADVANTAGES OF CHLORINATION BEFORE AND AFTER FILTRATION At the Louisville purification plant chlorine was applied to the coagulated water just before filtration for six years prior to 1924. For the past year and a half the chlorine has been applied to the filtered water with marked improvement in results due to the change. Application of chlorine to the unfiltered water was originally adopted, not because this was considered the better method, but only because the design of the plant afforded no satisfactory dosing point beyond the filters. However, after enduring for several years frequent bacterial aftergrowths, occasional tastes and odors and often erratic Coli results, we were finally forced to make the necessary change in our clear well to allow of dosage of the filtered water. When chlorine was applied before filtration, we found that it was never possible to obtain more than 0.02 p.p.m. of residual chlorine in the…

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