The Proper Care of Concrete Lined Reservoirs

Issue 24 and Volume 77.

The Proper Care of Concrete Lined Reservoirs How to Avoid Leakage—Methods of Waterproofing—Should Have Daily Inspection During Period of Settlement and Frequent Observation Afterward SOME excellent hints on the construction and maintenance of concrete lined reservoirs tained in the following paper by an engineer who has done much work of this kind and is looked upon as an authority on the subject: Reserve storage reservoirs are usually located at high points, remote from the towns and often at inaccessible spots, all of which tends to prevent their observance and inspection. Because of their elevation above the city, there is added, in case of accident, the danger and menace to lives and property which is all the more reason for their frequent inspection and repair. A reserve storage capacity o f about three times the average daily water COnSumption is advisable regardless of whether the supply is from wells, streams, lakes…

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