Issue 3 and Volume 78.

MOTOR SERVICE PIPE CLEANER INVENTED BY SUPERINTENDENT Description of Its Mechanism—Flexible Shaft Used in Cleaning—Motor, Actuated front House Light Socket, of 1/2-h.p. WHILE superintendent of a water works plant in a Wisconsin city of 20,000 population, the writer received many complaints from drivers of automobiles who had experienced hard jolts or broken springs, owing to depressions in the roadbed due to the sunken remains of a service renewed or a poorly puddled or tamped trench on an otherwise level street. This fact caused me, graced with a mechanical mind and a firm faith in the speedometer shaft of my car, to conceive the idea that led to a motor driven means of cleaning small water service pipes. To explain to the superintendents who are blessed with clear water surging through their city mains, we had a percentage of iron in the water, which while it was healthful to drink, had…

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