Dakota Firemen Hold Meet in Kenmare

Issue 3 and Volume 78.

Dakota Firemen Hold Meet in Kenmare In spite of the rain on the opening day, the convention of the North Dakota Firemen’s Association held in Kenmare on June 16-18 was a decided success. This marked the forty-first meeting of the association and was opened by Chief Larsen of Kenmare, Rev. Frank Hollett of Minot giving the invocation. The delegates were welcomed by Mayor Blood and President L. E. Correll responded to the address. Memorial services were held on the morning of the opening day. In the evening the meeting was held in conjunction with the people of Kenmare so that the delegates would get acquainted. A number of interesting subjects were treated at the various sessions and the “Question Box” brought forth some good discussion. The visitors were well entertained. A baseball game was staged on the afternoon of the second day, and a dance was held in the evening…

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