Importance of Modern Fire Alarm Systems

Issue 3 and Volume 78.

Importance of Modern Fire Alarm Systems Necessity for This Method of Calling the Municipal Fire Department—Progress of Fire Alarm Development-—Private Alarm Systems MUCH important information is contained in the following paper as regards that most important adjunct of fire-fighting, the telegraphic fire alarm. It is written by an expert and the subject is handled in an unusually exhaustive manner: The electric telegraph, in various forms, has superseded largely all other means of transmitting alarms of fire, especially for municipal purposes. To be sure, in some small communities, notice ot tire is yet given by shooting a gun, hammering on an old iron tire, by ringing a bell or blowing a whistle. A few communities rely upon messengers or telephones, notably St. Joseph, Mo., and Kansas City, Kans.. among the larger of such places; but pretty generally throughout North America, and in the larger cities of most civilized countries, transmission of…

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