Pumping Equipment of the London Water Works

Issue 3 and Volume 78.

Pumping Equipment of the London Water Works London Unaflow Engines and Centrifugal Pumps Form Interesting Installation— Metropolitan Water Board a Government Institution—Water from Thames THE choice of steam as a motive power for driving the pumps of so big a water supply as that of the British metropolis makes the following article of unusual interest, as setting forth the reasons therefor. The author shows that the decision to use the Unaflow type of engine was made only after careful study and consideration. The water supply of London as probably most readers are aware is administered by the Metropolitan Water Board. This concern, which is virtually a government department is often criticised by consumers but it cannot be denied that, considering the vast population it serves, and the large area it administrates it functions well and its engineering work is always of the highest order. The writer has given some notes…

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