Problem of Pollution in Large Water Tunnels

Issue 4 and Volume 78.

Problem of Pollution in Large Water Tunnels Chicago’s Experiences in Its Seven Large Gravity Tunnels—Some Lake and Other Land Tunnels—Matter of Seepage and Leakage CHICAGO’S experience with its large water tunnels and the danger in some instances of pollution through seepage or leakage forms an interesting subject for consideration and Mr. Gorman has handled the matter both painstakingly and exhaustively: For supplying water from the six inlet cribs in Lake Michigan to its ten municipal pumping stations, where it is chlorinated before being delivered to the distributing system, the city of Chicago has in use seven gravity tunnel systems comprising 58.8 miles of tunnel. About 22 miles are under the lake, the remaining 35 odd miles being land tunnels. Of the latter about 25 miles are under city streets and approximately 11 miles under private property. The tunnels are at various depths, ranging from about 40 feet below city datum…

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