Philadelphia Water Supply to be Inspected

Issue 4 and Volume 78.

Philadelphia Water Supply to be Inspected It was recently announced that the National Board of Fire Underwriters plans to send a field party to inspect the water supply of Philadelphia, Pa. This is, contrary to the general rumors in city circles, solely to get the benefit of the improvements made in the water system since the report made in 1922 and is not due to faults in the system. D. A. McCruddin, engineer of distribution, bureau of water said in an effort to dispell the rumors which are rife, “Philadelphia is not shy of water. In fact, it is better supplied today than it has been since 1922. Thousands of dollars have been spent in improving conditions and thousands more will be spent.” Huntsville, Tex., to Purchase Fire Apparatus—Following the inspection of apparatus in neighboring towns by Mayor Ball of Huntsville, Tex., a contract will be signed for the purchase…

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