Fire Protection in the Smaller Community

Issue 4 and Volume 78.

Fire Protection in the Smaller Community From the Viewpoint of an Underwriters’ Engineer This is the thirtieth installment of an important series of articles appearing regularly in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING covering fire protection in all its phases for the guidance of fire officials in the smaller towns and villages. (Continued front last tssue) Some Suggested Ordinances Continuation of an ordinance providing for fire protection and fire prevention for the creation and organisation of a fire department, and to regulate and define its duties and those of its officers and members and to provide penalties for the violation thereof: SECTION 6. Drills and Pay. Each member of the Fire Department shall be paid one dollar for each regular drill attended by him for a period of not less than one hour and such drills shall be held once (or twice) monthly. Payment shall be made from the town treasury. The…

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