In the Cause of Firemanic Benevolence

Issue 4 and Volume 78.

In the Cause of Firemanic Benevolence Last week in New York, the baseball teams of the New York and the Detroit fire departments played at the Yankee Stadium and a grateful New York public gave the Firemen’s Honor Emergency Fund $150,000 worth of support through the purchase of tickets at one dollar each. Next month in Detroit, a grateful Detroit public, with the assistance of the New York fire department’s baseball team will try to better that goal for the benefit of the Detroit Fire Fund Association. This is truly comradeship of the most benevolent sort. It seems a sad commentary on the fire departments of the great cities of the country, that these private or at least semi-official funds are necessary but they are nevertheless, in view of the inadequacy of the statutory pension and relief systems of the cosmopolitan cities, most of which are so couched as to…

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