DeLaval Centrifugal Pump on Fire Apparatus

Issue 5 and Volume 78.

DeLaval Centrifugal Pump on Fire Apparatus A DeLaval 5-inch single stage centrifugal pump, with a gasoline engine, mounted on a one-ton truck chassis, illustrated herewith is used by Chief Christy, of the Pueblo, Col., fire department, for service in the outlying sections of the city. This apparatus is designed to deliver 600 gal. per min. against 100 lb. per sq. in. when driven at 1750 r. p. m., that is, where water is taken from the mains under pressure, 100 lbs. is added to the pressure in the mains. The pump has a large overload capacity and has pumped as much as 1250 g. p. m. The two 13/8-in. fire nozzles are discharging under a total pressure of 130 lbs. Both the Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies and the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Chicago have approved the single stage centrifugal pump as built by the DeLaval Steam Turbine Company for…

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