New Trade Literature Received

Issue 5 and Volume 78.

New Trade Literature Received The following literature descriptive of up-to-date methods and equipment for water works and fire departments has just been issued for general distribution and can be procured bywriting to the concern mentioned. In addition to the literature described in this department there will be found in the catalogue pages in this issue a list of catalogues, circulars, etc., by manufacturers of water works and fire department apparatus, machinery and supplies. Engberg’s Electric and Mechanical Works, St. Joseph, Mich.— Catalog No. 105 on Fngberg direct current, direct connected generating sets. Wallace & Tie-man, Newark, N. J.—Technical publication No. 43 describing their Chloroboat for the sanitation of swimming pools. Technical publication No. 55 describing the W. & T. Chlorometer. Crane Company, 836 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, III.—Special anniversary number of the ValveWorld, a house organ of this company. Medina, O., Raising Funds—Medina, Ohio, is raising funds to complete the…

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