Issue 8 and Volume 78.

CONVENTION DATES Aug 18-19—CONNECTICUT STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 42d Annual Convention. Wentworth Hall. 1044 Chapel St.. New Haven. Conn. Secretary. D. W. Harford, South Norwalk. Conn. Aug. 18—CONNECTICUT STATE FIRE CHIEFS CLUB. SemiAnnual meeting, just preceding opening of State Firemen’s Association convention. Secretary. David Mercer. Westville. Conn. Aug 21-22 CALIFORNIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention. Sacramento, Cal. Secretary, H. E. Strasser, 1171 Tenth Street. San Diego. Cal. Aug. 26-28 VIRGINIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 39th Annual Convention, Newport News, Va. Secretary, E. K. Landis. Pulaski, Va. Aug. 27-29—WASHINGTON STATE FIREMENS ASSOCIATION. 3rd Annual Convention, Puyallup, Wash. Secretary, H. S. Jenkins, Bellingham. Sept. 1-2—SOUTH DAKOTA FIRE CHIEFS’ ASSOCIATION Annual convention, Huron. So. Dak. Secretary, C. M. Johnson. Rapid City. Sept. 712—NEW ENGLAND WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. 44th Annual Convention. on Board Steamer on St. Lawrence River. Secretary, Frank J. Gifford, Tremont Temple. Boston. Mass. Sept. 9-11—INDIANA FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Evansville, Ind. Secretary, Frank…

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