Fined for Starting Forest Fire

Issue 8 and Volume 78.

Fined for Starting Forest Fire One way of decreasing the annual fire loss may be by following the example of Sheridan, Wyo., whose justice of the peace fined a careless smoker for starting a fire. An investigation following a forest fire disclosed the fact that it was started by a smoker who knocked the ashes out of his pipe against a dead log. He was fined $163.87—ten dollars fine and the balance the actual cost to the forest service for fighting the fire. Another case is pending in which a guide is charged with dropping a lighted cigarette and causing a fire along the trail to the Seven Brothers Lake. Water Consumption of Boise, Ida. —The average daily water consumption of Boise, Ida., during the summer months has been 2,350,000 and the per capita consumption of water including the water used by the fire department amounts to one hundred gallons…

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