Fire Protection in the Smaller Community

Issue 9 and Volume 78.

Fire Protection in the Smaller Community From the Viewpoint of an Underwriters’ Engineer This is the thirty-fifth installment of an important series of articles appearing regularly in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING covering fire protection in all its phases for the guidance of fire officials in the smaller towns and villages. (Continued from last issue) ORDINANCES (Continued) Continuation of an ordinance providing for the prevention of fires and for the construction, equipment and use of buildings and the establishment of fire limits in the Toitm of……………….. SECTION 13. Roof openings. All openings in roofs for the admission of light or air shall have incombustible frames and sash glazed with wired glass; or ordinary glass may be used if protected above and below by galvanized steel wire screens with a mesh not exceeding one inch and wire not smaller than No. 12 gauge. SECTION 1-4. Exits. Every school, hospital, theatre or place…

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