Loss of Life by Fire Through Fireworks

Issue 9 and Volume 78.

Loss of Life by Fire Through Fireworks Another angle of the fireworks hazard is emphasized by the report of the joint statement just issued by the American Museum of Safety and the National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness. This report shows in figures the extent to which loss of life and injury to persons—many of them children—has originated from the use, by private individuals, of fireworks and firecrackers in the celebration of the Fourth of July. The fire loss, as suggested by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING editorially a few weeks ago, was increased to an appreciable degree in July through fires caused by the careless handling of fireworks used in the celebration of the country’s independence. Now, as a further argument for the discontinuance of the use of these dangerous articles, the report shows that over 1,000 persons in some five hundred cities were either maimed or otherwise injured…

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