The Weakness of the Weaker Sex

Issue 9 and Volume 78.

The Weakness of the Weaker Sex Until recently, Waldmannslust, Germany, which beasted of having the only women’s fire brigade in the country, claimed the honor of having the most efficient brigade in Germany—that is, they did until an incident which occurred a short time ago. The downfall of the brigade’s proud reputation was a call to quench the flames in one of the most fashionable modiste shops in the town. The characteristic woman qualities became paramount to the duties of a full fledged fire-fighter, and they disregarded the orders of the captain to drench the latest fall creations in dresses and millinery. With shrill screams they made a dash into the shop, forming a rescue party and removed female finery to a place of safety. When this duty was accomplished the brigade returned to the task of lighting the flames. The company is proud now of the fact that they…

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