Meadville, Pa., Lauds Municipal Water Works

Issue 13 and Volume 78.

Meadville, Pa., Lauds Municipal Water Works The people of Meadville, Pa., are proud of the accomplishments of the municipal water works system. The water rates are twenty-five to thirty per cent less than those charged by neighboring water departments, and in addition the city has paid off a bonded indebtedness of $183,000 and has a surplus of $20,600. This was accomplised in the past twenty years. The water department is supported entirely by the earnings of the water works. During this period the number of connections was increased from 2,032 to 3,658 and the number of fire hydrants from 133 to 234; thirteen miles of pipe was laid. Meters have been installed on all services. S. Norwalk, Conn., to Purchase Apparatus—Funds are being raised in South Norwalk, Conn., for the purchase of fire apparatus.

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