Dallas to Have Largest Reservoir in Texas

Issue 13 and Volume 78.

Dallas to Have Largest Reservoir in Texas A reservoir is being constructed for Dallas, Texas, which will impound sixty-three billions gallons of water and which is claimed to be the largest in the state. Dallas Lake will drain an area of 1,111 square miles and the lake itself, at spillway elevation, will cover approximately 11,000 acres. During flood time the lake probably will extend over more than 12,000 or 13,000 acres. Its greatest length will be about 14 miles while its maximum width will be about three miles. The average depth will be about 20 feet while at the dam, in the bed of the river, the water will be about 70 feet deep. The dam is of the hydraulic earth fill type. Its maximum height is to be 80 feet (above the bed of the river) and its total length will exceed 11,000 feet. The maximum width of the…

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