Is Your Fire Alarm Central Station Safely Isolated?

Issue 13 and Volume 78.

Is Your Fire Alarm Central Station Safely Isolated? Should Be Removed from Hazard of Outside Exposure—Buildings for Small Towns at Little Expense—Some Notable Examples of Stations AN important development in fire alarm stations and one that has done much to insure continuity of service by removing the risk of destruction through fire, is the installation of such units in isolated fireproof structures, removed from any risk of outside exposure. The following article gives some interesting data on this subject: Twenty years ago J. J. Carty and Kempster B. Miller in a report of the fire alarm system of New York pointed out clearly the need and value of isolated buildings for fire alarm headquarters. The recommendations that they made at that time and for that city apply so well to the present day and to hundreds of other cities that it is interesting to review what they said: “In an…

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