York County Firemen Elect Officers

Issue 13 and Volume 78.

York County Firemen Elect Officers The twelfth annual convention of the York County Firemen’s Association was held at Spring Grove, Pa., on September 7, and it was celebrated by a parade and festival in the evening. President Jacob E. Weaver called the meeting to order and Chief Burgess C. A. Hershey made the address of welcome to which President Weaver responded. The officers elected for the coming year are as follows: president, W. H. Lond, Hanover; first vice-president, John Cockley, Manchester; second vice-president, A. D. Spangler, York; third vice-president, W. M. Rickenbacker, York; secretary, Charles H. Stouffer, York; treasurer, Maurice Seifert, York. East Islip Chief Invents Spanner—Chief Edward Newman of East Islip, L. I., N. Y., has invented an aluminum unbreakable spanner which he has named, “Newman’s Wishbone Spanner.” Former Babylon, N. Y„ Chief Dies—Henry Van Wccldcn. formerly chief of Babylon, N. Y., died recently at the age of seventy-four.…

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