Some Practical Suggestions for Fire Chiefs

Issue 13 and Volume 78.

Some Practical Suggestions for Fire Chiefs Small Articles by Heads of Fire Departments on Problems of FireFighting and Fire Department Administration Many Phases Treated THE following series of short articles by Chiefs are replete with excellent suggestions for their fellow heads of fire departments, and will be found to cover many phases of fire-fighting and fire department administration. It is hoped that not only will they be of help to other chiefs, but that they will offer a suggesion to those who read them to also share some of their own problems with others: USE A PNEUMATIC DRILL AT FIRES TO PIERCE THROUGH CONCRETE WALLS The City of New York fire department had a condition to contend with at a dock fire on August 31, which is the subject matter of this article. Concrete construction, while of an advantage to a fire department in restricting the spread or confining of…

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