Magirus Aerial Truck Demonstrated in the New England States

Issue 13 and Volume 78.

Magirus Aerial Truck Demonstrated in the New England States A Magirus Aerial Truck has just completed a month’s demonstration tour through the New England states. The machine, equipped with an 85-ft. aerial ladder, was driven over the road under its own power and demonstrations were given in most of the principal cities of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Maine. No trouble whatever was experienced during the whole journey, more than a thousand miles having been covered. The trip was made under the direction of Thos. R. Johnstone, General Representative and R. Thomann, Asst. Treasurer of the American Magirits Fire Appliance Company, American distributors of the Magrius equipment, accompanied by W. Bristel, Factory Mechanic. The chiefs of the various cities visited were greatly impressed with the performance of the machine and several, it is reported, expressed the hope of adding this type of equipment to their department in the…

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