Bursting Mains and Wooden Shingle Roofs

Issue 13 and Volume 78.

Bursting Mains and Wooden Shingle Roofs Two very important lessons were forcibly driven home in the big fire which visited Shreveport, La., on September 4. One of these concerns the water works and the other the fire department. The first point which this fire emphasized is the necessity for duplicate pipe lines leading from the main supply of the city or town. If the pumping station at Shreveport had been furnished with another supply line independent of the one that broke, the conflagration would never have occurred. The expense of installing such a line, while perhaps high, pales into insignificance when compared with the waste that this one tire has made in money and time lost. Economy in the providing of necessities is very apt to prove a boomerang, and the expenditure of a little of the city’s money in providing safeguards against the danger of being left without water…

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