Survey Made of Ashland, Ky.

Issue 14 and Volume 78.

Survey Made of Ashland, Ky. A survey was made of Ashland, Ky., a manufacturing center of 25,000 population, by the committee of fire prevention and engineering standards of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. There are few fires in the city but both the fire loss per capita and the loss per fire are very high. The water works are under municipal management and the records kept are mainly good. An ample supply is obtained from the Ohio river; the water is sent through a filtration plant and then repumped to the distribution system against equalizing reservoirs. The capacity of the pumps are slightly inadequate. The pumping station is of fireproof construction and any hazard in the station is protected. In case of emergency, a supply is available from a private water company. In the main section of the city, the water pressure is good but it is low in…

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