Keeping the Filter Plant Up to the Mark

Issue 14 and Volume 78.

Keeping the Filter Plant Up to the Mark Should Be Washed With Filtered Water—Getting Rid of “Mud Balls” and Slime—Special Attention Should Be Given to Control Apparatus THE filtration plant is an important link in the water purification chain, and to its care and upkeep much thought must be given by the superintendent. The article herewith gives some excellent hints along this line. The modern water purification plant bears a certain similarity to the human system. The latter consists, in part, of organs, each of which is interrelated. These organs are charged with important functions to be performed if the human body is to “carry on” efficiently. The water purification plant is an assemblage of appurtenances, each having a specific function in logical relation to the other parts of the plant. Plant efficiency is only obtained when these functions are carried out and the proper relations logically maintained. The heart…

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