Giving the Fireman Odd Jobs in His “Spare” (?) Time

Issue 14 and Volume 78.

Giving the Fireman Odd Jobs in His “Spare” (?) Time The director of public safety of a New Jersey City has given orders that firemen shall assist the police in regulating traffic. Occasionally this sort of thing breaks out like the measles, but. fortunately, like that disease, is generally short lived. It usually arises from the mistaken idea of some official that the fireman is blessed—or cursed, according to the point of view—with no end of leisure time, and that this time should be occupied in some sort of extra service for the municipality. As a mater of fact the fireman has no “leisure time.” He must he ever on the job — day or night — alert and instantly ready to answer the call when it comes. The duties which this director has thrust upon the firemen is purely a police function, and it is just as far from…

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