Machinery Versus Hand Labor in Pipe Laying

Issue 14 and Volume 78.

Machinery Versus Hand Labor in Pipe Laying How Both Time and Money is Saved by the Adoption of Labor Saving Devices—Some Interesting Figures THE great saving both in time and expense that follows the use of machinery in trenching, pipe laying and backfilling makes the adoption of this method as against the cumbrous and unsatisfactory hand labor very attractive to the water works superintendent. The following article (fives some important details in the work of use of labor saving machinery for this purpose and will be found of use to those contemplating the adoption of this means of doing the work: The replacing of hand labor by machinery on the larger jobs is interesting as showing how much can be done by that method with a few men. In 1920 the New Bedford water works contemplated laying 6,600 ft. of 36″ cast iron pipe, in addition to the ordinary annual…

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