How Corrosion Was Eliminated in a Steel Pipe Line

Issue 16 and Volume 78.

How Corrosion Was Eliminated in a Steel Pipe Line Arresting the Ill-Effects of Exposure, Climate and Water on Coolgardie Pipe Line. Western Australia—Some Interesting Figures THE following paper deals with the effects of water and atmospheric conditions on a steel pipe line and the remedial measures taken to correct the resulting corrosion that threatened the life of the line: Some twenty-three years ago a pipe line, then called the Coolgardie Pipe Line, was built in the Southwestern part of Australia which drew a great deal of attention from the engineering world because of its unusual character, particularly its length of about 350 miles. It began to show serious corrosion on both inner and outer surfaces within a few years. During a recent visit in Australia the writer had opportunities to see this pipe line at close range and to learn some of the conditions of maintenance and operation. A brief…

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