Lit Match in Bed to Find Electric Light—Burned

Issue 16 and Volume 78.

Lit Match in Bed to Find Electric Light—Burned A hotel guest in Kersey, Col., was severely burned in a fire which started in his bed clothes. The hotel proprietor who was aroused by the screams of the occupant, rushed into the room and found the guest writhing on the bed enveloped in flames. The guest was rushed out of the bed and the immediate application of first aid treatment was in a measure responsible to saving his life. At first it was thought that the fire was caused by smoking in bed but when the victim regained consciousness in the hospital he said that he struck a match in the middle of the night to locate the electric light and possibly a spark may have jumped from the match on to the bed clothes. Johnson City, Tenn., Awards Meter Contract—Johnson City, Tenn., awarded the contract for the meters. The bids…

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