Some Pointers On Fire Department Salvage Work

Issue 18 and Volume 78.

Some Pointers On Fire Department Salvage Work Work Extends Beyond Mere Coverage of Goods—Importance of Inspection With a View to Salvage—Best Types of Covers IN view of the growing tendency among fire chiefs to form salvage corps and rescue corps in connection with their departments the following papers will be found to contain some valuable information on these subjects which will be of help to those who contemplate the formation of such bodies in their commands: Salvage work has improved to such an extent as to become a factor in the reduction of fire losses comparable in importance to the other branches of fire prevention control and extinguishment. Fire chiefs contemplating the installation of one or more Salvage Companies as a fire department subsidiary should make a study of salvage work as practiced by corps in existence and be guided by their experiences in their selection of equipment. Today salvage…

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