Fire Protection in the Smaller Community

Issue 18 and Volume 78.

Fire Protection in the Smaller Community From the Viewpoint of an Underwriters’ Engineer This is the forty-fourth installment of an important series of articles appearing regularly in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING covering fire protection in all its phases for the guidance of fire officials in the smaller towns and villages. (Continued from last issue) ORDINANCES (Continued) AN ORDINANCE providing for the installation, use and maintenance of equipment using gas for heat, light or power, and providing a penalty for the violation thereof Be it ordained by the council of the Town of as follows: SECTION 1. Curb valves. Every building in which gas is used shall have each supply pipe leading from the street mains provided with a heavy brass straightway stopcock or valve, placed at or near the curb, and arranged to permit shutting off at that point. SECTION 2. Location of burners. All gas burners shall be placed…

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