The Air Lift System in Water Works Pumping

Issue 19 and Volume 78.

The Air Lift System in Water Works Pumping The Advantages of Air Lift System in Deep well Pumping—A Description of the Apparatus Used THE following practical article deals with the advantages of the air lift system in pumping from deep wells and will be found of value to those water works men who have the problem of the production of ample water supplies from this source to solve: The Air Lift as a means of raising water from boreholes is making sure but slow progress in the water works field. Its drawbacks in the past have been its liability to erratic working and its comparatively high cost of operation as compared with other means of pumping, defects which have been offset to some extent by the simplicity of the apparatus as compared with what was available a couple of decades ago in the shape of bore hole pumps. The whole…

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