Pump Through Long Hose Line to Fight Fire

Issue 20 and Volume 78.

Pump Through Long Hose Line to Fight Fire The fire that broke out in a large barn at the Massachusetts State Farm in Bridgewater recently was fought by firemen from Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Taunton, Brockton, and Middleboro. An interesting feature of the battle to control the flames was the stream of water that was played from a line of hose over 4500 feet in length. The total number of feet of hose laid in this line was 4650 feet, but two lengths were broken and the pumping was through 4550 feet, two motor pumping engines being used in relaying and drafting water from an ice house pond far removed from the fire. A Scagrave pumper of the Brockton department drafted water 9 feet at the pond, sending the water at 285 pounds pressure to the 500 gallon Maxim pumper of the West Bridgewater department. The Maxim pumper was located at…

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