Storage of Water to Destroy Micro-Organisms

Issue 26 and Volume 78.

Storage of Water to Destroy Micro-Organisms Relation Between Storage Period and Frequency of Organisms’ Occurrence— Some Specific Examples Cited—Important Statistics Showing Results IN the following paper the author makes an appeal for the design of reservoirs so as to provide long periods of water storage. He claims that this practice will result in the destruction of micro-organism in the water supply and gives statistics to show the results of various periods of storage in this particular: The period o f storage in a reservoir is sometimes expressed as days of storage, sometimes as the “Storage Ratio.” This letter is the storage capacity of the reservoir divided by the mean annual runoff. Thus a reservoir which stores the mean annual run-off stores the water 365 days or has a storage ratio of 1.00. Again a reservoir having a storage ratio of 0.33 stores the mean annual run-off for 4 months. Because…

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