Bridgeport Firemen to Ask for Increase

Issue 26 and Volume 78.

Bridgeport Firemen to Ask for Increase A committee of firemen, working with the approval of the heads of the department, are gathering data in which to support their proposed pleas for an increase in pay for every member of the Bridgeport, Conn., fire department. Information and statistics from other cities of the same size as Bridgeport are being gathered to support the petitions. “I am in favor of an increase in wages for the firemen,” Mayor F. William Behrens said when asked about the matter. The petition will be presented to the board of aldermen in time for the draft of an ordinance to precede the making up of budgets for the city’s new fiscal year which begins on April 1. The last increase granted to firemen at Bridgeport was on April 1, 1920. The committee is headed by R. Arthur Brown, superintendent of fire alarms and includes Superintendent of…

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