Recent Attacks on Cast Iron Pipe

Issue 26 and Volume 78.

Recent Attacks on Cast Iron Pipe In at least two recent instances individuals have rushed into print in attacks on cast iron as a material for water pipe. In both of these cases, apparently, the writers have possessed only a superficial knowledge of the subject on which they have written. In the first instance the writer, in referring to breaks in New York mains, told of a case in which an official of Rochester, N. Y., in testing a batch of cast iron pipe, bad smashed every one, finding all defective. This tale Beckman C. Little, superintendent of the Rochester Water Works and Secretary of the American Water Works Association, in a letter reprinted from the New York Times of August 20 in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING of August 20, proceeds to puncture. No record of any such occurrence, he shows, appears on the books of the department. The second…

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