Issue 27 and Volume 78.

TO PROTECT HORSES AT STABLE FIRES Campaign to Prevent Serious Loss of Horses’ Lives by Better Fire Protection in Boston— Some Pertinent Editorials in Daily Press THE protection of horses in stables is a subject that is attracting much attention throughout the country. While the automobile has largely superseded these useful and faithful animals, yet they will find wide employment for years to come. And with this in mind there has recently been in Boston a revival of agitation for better protection of horses in stables from the menace of fire. The newspapers of the city have taken the matter up and the following arc extracts from some of the editorials published on the subject, which contain some good suggestions for chiefs of other cities considering the subject: On Saturday, December 2, the Boston Traveler printed a series of editorials on the subject, extracts from which follow: How to Protect…

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