Building Inspection By Fire Department Members

Issue 27 and Volume 78.

Building Inspection By Fire Department Members How This Work Is Carried On by the Boston Department— Systematic Methods Adopted—Comprehensive Report Blanks Filed BUILDING inspection by members of the fire department serves a double purpose. Besides its main object, which, of course, must be the most efficient protection of the city from fire hazards and the quick detection and removal of such hazards, there is also the advantage contained in the knowledge of the buildings and their contents which this inspection gives. With a systematic inspection by the members of the uniformed forces, including the filing of reports noting the lay-out of each building, its contents, its special hazards, and the features of interest in its construction, there is a complete record in the files of the department which enables the chief and his men to have a thorough knowledge of what they are going to be up against in case…

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