Issue 27 and Volume 78.

WATER WORKS AWARDS AND VALUES Thirtieth of a Series of Articles on the Subject—Some Cases of Value Based on Decisions in the Federal Courts (Continued from last issue) VALUES IN FEDERAL COURTS Capacity of the System On the peninsula south of San Francisco the Spring Valley system included four storage reservoirs, Lake Merced at the city limits, and the Pilarcitos, San Andreas and Cyrstal Springs at distances up to more than thirty miles. Table 10: Value of Unused Land and Water Rights of San Francisco Waterworks as of 1904, as Found by the Court in 1911. Elevations and individual capacities of these reservoirs appear in Table 11, and their combined storage was $28,000,000,000 gallons, representing a supply of 848 days at 33,000,000 gallons per day, if the entire capacity could be drawn out. Besides the above, the Spring Valley system included 1,000 acres of gravel beds near Sunol, on Alameda…

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