Dr. Harry Archer Honored by N. Y. Board

Issue 27 and Volume 78.

Dr. Harry Archer Honored by N. Y. Board The fire patrol committee of the New York Board of Fire Underwriters has honored Dr. Harry M. Archer, by elevating him from the post of honorary medical officer to the post of honorary chief medical officer. The order gives Dr. Archer a higher standing in the ranks of the fire patrol than he now enjoys in the ranks of the fire department in which he has for many years been an honorary medical officer with the rank of deputy chief. The official order follows: THE NEW YORK BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS, Committee on Fire Patrol. 123 William Street, NEW YORK, December 16, 1925. Order No. 2016 ADVANCE IN RANK Dr. Harry M. Archer, from rank of Honorary Medical Officer to the rank of Honorary Chief Medical Officer, effective at 8 a.m., December 17, 1925. He will be obeyed and respected accordingly. This…

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