Issue 27 and Volume 78.

WATER WORKS NEWS Marine City, Mich., May Electrify Water Works—Plans are being made by Marine City, Mich., to electrify the water works plant. Rural Retreat, Va., Completes Water System—The new water works system at Rural Retreat, Va., has just been completed. Tarpon Springs, Fla., Plans New Water Works System— The installation of a new water works system is planned for Tarpon Springs, Fla. Port Arthur, Tex., Planning for Filtration Plant—Plans are being made in Port Arthur, Tex., for the erection of a filtration plant which will cost $400,000. Wrens, Ga., to Extend Water System—The people of Wrens, Ga., voted to issue $20,000 bonds to finance the extension to the distribution system. Ft. Worth, Tex., to Purchase Pipe—About 7,000 tons of cast iron pipe will be purchased by Forth Worth, Tex., for extensions to their distribution system. Watertown, N. Y., Installing Meters—About 1,950 meters are left to be installed in Watertown,…

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