How One State Prevents Pollution of Streams

Issue 27 and Volume 78.

How One State Prevents Pollution of Streams The Illinois Conservancy Act Provides a Central Agency for the Control of Rivers as Water Supplies—Possibilities of the Act IN this paper the plan of the formation of conservancy districts, so as to centralize the power over the rivers and streams that supply cities with water, in order to avoid unnecessary pollution, conserve the supply and provide for a unified development, is advocated: The last Legislature of Illinois created a law authorizing the establishment of conservancy districts, primarily for the purpose of permitting a unified control of pollution of an entire river system and also for permitting a unified development of a water supply. Conservancy districts of this character are unique in the United States, though there have been precedents which make the organization of conservancy districts a logical development. In Ohio, for example, there is a law authorizing the formation of conservancy…

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