Survey Made of Grand Rapids, Mich.

Issue 27 and Volume 78.

Survey Made of Grand Rapids, Mich. Following a survey made of Grand Rapids, Mich., by engineers of the committee of engineering standards and fire prevention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, a report in which the following statements were made, was issued. The supply for the municipal water works system is obtained from a normally adequate source from two intake conduits to filters which may be by-passed; flow then continues by gravity through one supply conduit. Construction work has started on a new high-lift discharge header system. The water consumption is moderately high and is excessive at times. With the exception of some sections, the water pressure is good and well maintained and is sufficiently high for automatic sprinkler protection. The hydrant spacing is good in the congested value district, fair elsewhere and the condition of the hydrants is not termed satisfactory. The fire department operates on the two-platoon…

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