Cnges in Indianapolis Fire Department

Issue 2 and Volume 79.

Changes in Indianapolis Fire Department The changes as briefly announced in last week’s issue of FIRE ENGINEERING as occurring in the fire department of Indianapolis, Ind., included the promotion of Jesse A. Hutsell, chief instructor of the department to chief of the department; the appointment of Horace W. Carey as chief of the fire prevention bureau, and assignment of Former Chief John J. O’Brien to the command of the high valve district with the rank of battallion chief. These changes were predicated upon the continuance of the department’s intensive campaign in fire prevention and protection at present being carried on with the cooperation of the fire prevention committee of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, of which Frank C. Jordan, secretary of the Indianapolis Water Company, president last year of the American Water Works Association, is Chairman. Chief Hutsell was born on a farm in Marion County, Ind., on November 4,…

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