Issue 2 and Volume 79.

FALSE ALARMS THE AUTO FIRE ENGINE JAMES W. FOLEY. “Yes, things are changed, doggone the luck!” Said the driver of Engine Three. “For they’re going to fires with an auto truck And the horse he’s a used-to-be, It was sugar and oats and a shiny coat, That was dappled and smooth and clean, And now it’s a lump in the driver’s throat And a tankful of gasoline. “There was romance then in a driver’s work And something you loved right well, It was a snap of a collar, a cry and jerk And off in the streets pell-mell! It was ‘Steady, Charlie!’ and ‘Come on, Dick!’ It was sparks where the hoofs came down. And many a time that they have turned the Of saving a slice of town. “There was something then in the stall back there That was human—or purty near. Big eyes and a shiny coat of…

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