Another Steam Pipe Fire

Issue 2 and Volume 79.

Another Steam Pipe Fire It has long been a well recognized fact that low pressure steam pipes are the cause of a large number of fires, but specific, well substantiated instances of such fires are not so numerous. A fire in the Wesley Block, Columbus, Ohio, on November 15, 1920, furnished an excellent illustration of the way such fires may occur. The building was a large brick structure of old style ordinary construction, occupied for mercantile and office purposes, including light shop craft work. The fire was discovered under the second floor, and smoke was coming out from under the floor above, having traveled up the inside of partitions. Both floors were of matched tongue and grooved dimension lumber, and were covered with linoleum, which fact would eliminate the “dust and sweepings” theory as a possible explanation of the cause of the fire. Upon tearing up the floor it was…

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