Essentials in Handling Large Oil Fires

Issue 2 and Volume 79.

Essentials in Handling Large Oil Fires Conclusion of Paper on This Subject—Improvements in Fire-Banks— The Foam System of Extinguishment—Protecting Fuel Oil Plants THIS paper, which is concluded from page 37, FIRE ENGINEERING, January 10 issue, is the result of careful study and research into the origin, peculiarities and methods of fighting fires in oil tanks. It is full of practical suggestions for the fire chief who has this problem to wrestle with: Improvements in Fire-banks The most serious menace from a crude oil fire comes when it boils over. If the boil-over can be held within prearranged firebanks, there is no further difficulty; but fire-banks have not always proved effective, and we therefore turned our attention to the possibility of improving fire-bank design. Here again we turned to small model apparatus, as tests on full size tanks with fire walls would have been impracticable. We therefore set up the apparatus…

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